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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

School recommends 20 school service hours to families of students at NASA. This year NASA will be offering many volunteer opportunities for families. Please visit our Parent Center, Mrs. Ana Chavez is our Parent Liaison, she is here to help all of our parents!

Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, including continuing volunteers, community members and interns, must complete a volunteer application and a commitment form.

Please stop by the Parent Center to obtain the volunteer application!

The parent center is located in our Loma site:

379 South Loma Drive

Los Angeles CA 90017

You can also call and ask for Mrs. Chavez, your parent liaison : (213) 413-9183!


Mrs. Ana Chavez

Phone: (213) 413-9183 Fax: (213) 413-9187

379 S. Loma Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90017