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Welcome to NEW Academy of Science and Arts, home of the NASA Rockets!

NEW Academy is an independent charter school located within the Belmont-Pico Union community, just west of downtown Los Angeles. Since opening in 2003, New Academy of Science and Arts (NASA) has been providing a high quality public education for students in grades K-5.

The mission of NEW Academy is to create a child-centered environment where students are able to work cooperatively, become self-directed, think critically, develop self-esteem and self-assurance, and have respect for cultural diversity.

NEW Academy has three specific performance objectives:

  1. to promote student progress in academic and artistic achievement, with an emphasis on the arts and sciences,
  2. to develop social, as well as community ethics and values in the students' character development with parental participation, and
  3. to implement the most appropriate curriculum for every child after initial assessment.