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Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of the NEW Academy of Science and Arts is to create a child-centered environment where students are able to work cooperatively, become self-directed, think critically, develop self-esteem and self assurance and have respect for cultural diversity. NEW Academy of Science and Arts has three specific performance objectives:

  1. to promote student progress in academic and artistic achievement, with an emphasis in the arts and sciences,
  2. to develop social, as well as community ethics and values in the students' character development with parental participation, and
  3. to implement the most appropriate curriculum for every child after initial assessment.

The vision of NEW Academy of Science and Arts is to create a child centered, creative, safe, healthy environment for children. A place that honors family values and provides a safe environment where children are allowed to fail without fear, and view fear as another opportunity for learning; and gives children exposure to multiple situations in a variety of environments in order that they acquire confidence, self respect and respect for others. The school will be a catalyst for reinforcing positive values in the community; an investment in the community; and a model for innovative learning with an emphasis in the arts and sciences, which teaches every child to be an educated, productive citizen of the world.