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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Attendance Policy

NEW Academy Distance Learning Attendance Policy (2020-2021)

NASA participates in Distance Learning (DL). A multi-tiered approach is used to support student attendance and engagement. Research suggests that most students will respond to school strategies for attendance and engagement. Students who are identified as Tier 1 would fit in this category. Students and families who may require more specific or personalized support are identified as Tier 2. The Tier 3 students may need more measures to re-engage in school (see Figure 1 below).

The following is the process for DL school attendance:

  • NASA teachers take initial daily distance attendance on Power School.
  • For absent students: Designated I.A.’s, office staff and parent advocate follow-up with phone calls to the home for parents or guardians and document their calls.
  • Teachers and I.A.s also complete the Combined Daily Participation and Weekly Engagement form (template acquired from CDE).
  • Students absent for three (3) or more consecutive days require the office of the Parent Liaison to follow up with further contact and information.
  • The Parent Liaison documents the contact follow-up and submits it to the COVID Task Force for any recommended follow-up.
  • Additional steps will include the attendance office contacting the last known address and applying NASA’s mitigation plan. The mitigation plan will implement intervention strategies that may include home visits with COVID safety measures. If multiple attempts are unsuccessful, the student may be dropped from the school’s roster but well documented.
    • Attendance will be measured by evidence of daily student engagement through synchronous and asynchronous interaction, and with assigned instructional materials for the day.
    • Evidence of attendance will be measured by student engagement in at least one of the following ways, including but limited to:
      • Google Classroom
      • Zoom
      • Assignments submitted
      • Participation in an online discussion
      • One to one personal interaction/meeting/academic support by an instructor, IA or school program personnel
      • Contact by classroom teacher, school’s attendance office or Parent Liaison
    • It is required that parents shall, to the maximum extent possible, ensure that their child participates in the distance learning program for attendance at school.
    • Parents are expected to contact the teacher if a student will not be able to participate in any learning activities due to illness. The absence will be considered a documented excused absence.
    • The student will receive an unexcused absence when:
      • a student does not participate in any part of the learning activities for the day, or
      • has not checked in with the teacher, and when the teacher and the parent have not communicated that day regarding the “no show” or lack of engagement.
      • when the teacher and the parent have not communicated that day.
    • Three (3) consecutive unexcused absences will result in further administrative actions.

The process for recording daily and weekly attendance shall include:

  • A certificated staff or designee entering DL attendance in PowerSchool.
  • A certificated staff or designee entering weekly DL attendance in the Participation and Weekly Engagement Log.
  • The Participation and Weekly Engagement Log must be signed weekly via DocuSign by certificated staff.
    1. Tiered Interventions and Foundational Supports