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Soy Bilingüe Festival

About the event

Encompassing our values and showcasing who we are at NEW Academy of Science and Arts, the Soy Bilingüe Festival was proposed and inaugurated in 2017 and is now in its 6th year! It’s main objectives are: Educate the community on the importance of speaking more than one language and address NEW Academy’s commitment to prepare multilingual citizens for this 21st century global economy. Featured in this culminating event are parent workshops, speeches from prominent educators and community leaders, reading activities, student work exhibitions, student artistic performances, local traditional music and dance groups, and informational booths on the topics of education and community resources.

Our annual Soy Bilingüe Festival has impacted 500+ families every year since its inauguration, and is always offered at no cost to the community. Stay tuned for our 6th Annual Soy Bilingüe Festival 2023, information coming soon!

Name of Organization Hosting Event: NEW Academy of Science and Arts (NASA)

Contact: Office 213-413-9183


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Instagram page:

Expected Audience: Public event, open to NASA immediate community AND the outside community

NASA Dance Team